The Time Machine Factory, Turin, Italy

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Location:  Turin, Italy

We are pleased to announce that the conference “The Time Machine Factory” will be held in Torino (Italy), from October 14 to 19, 2012.

The conference is being organized by INAF-Osservatorio Astrofisico of Torino, Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica and Politecnico di Torino.

On behalf of the SOC, SOC Chairs,

Mariateresa Crosta
Marco Gramegna
Matteo Luca Ruggiero

The conference focuses on causality and nonlocality in physics, with emphasis on its implications with time machines. In particular these issues will be dealt with from the viewpoints of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. The topological nature of spacetime in the framework of Quantum Mechanics suggests that both causality and locality need to be analyzed at a fundamental level, also by allowing the existence of entities that are more elementary than the spatial dimensions of everyday’s life. The interplay of these entities influences the very nature of time, and their dynamics could lead to understand the emergence of the arrow of time. Focusing on these issues would help to understand the ultimate nature of time, its role in fundamental physics and in the formation of the Universe, thus allowing for a better comprehension of its large scale structure, with apparent implications on the astronomical reference systems.

All information about the conference, such as scientific program, venue, travel, accommodation, events and social activities, important deadlines and so on, are available at the web page

Limited funds will be available for covering expenses for young researchers: please contact timemachine[AT] upon registration.

Mariateresa Crosta (chair, INAF,OATo); Marco Gramegna (co-chair, INRIM); Matteo Luca Ruggiero (co-chair, Politecnico di Torino, INFN); Orfeu Bertolami (Dep. Physics and Astronomy – Univ. Porto); Donato Bini (Ist. M. Picone – CNR, ICRA, INFN); Salvatore Capozziello (Dep. Phys. Sciences – Univ. Napoli, INFN); Sandro Coriasco (Dep. Mathematics – Univ. Torino); Fernando de Felice (Dep. Physics – Univ. Padova); Marco Genovese (INRIM); Robert T. Janzen (Villanova University, ICRA); Christophe Leponcin-Lafitte (SYRTE, Obs. de Paris); Oldrich Semerak (Inst. Th. Physics – Charles University, Prague), Angelo Tartaglia (DISAT – Politecnico di Torino, INFN).

Monica Capone (Dep. Mathematics – Univ. Torino, INFN); Tullia Carriero (INAF,OATo); Sandro Coriasco (Dep. Mathematics – Univ. Torino); Mariateresa Crosta (INAF,OATo); Marco Gramegna (INRIM); Matteo Luca Ruggiero (DISAT – Politecnico di Torino, INFN); Willy Merz (Fondazione Merz); Enzo Obiso (PHOS).