Copernicus Center Scholarship for Postdoctoral Researchers, Krakow, Poland

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Location:  Krakow, Poland

The Copernicus Center Scholarship for Postdoctoral Researchers, funded by The John Templeton Foundation, is offered to researchers in the fields of: mathematics, mathematical physics, astrophysics and cosmology. The topic of the proposed research should pertain to one of the following issues:
– Noncommutative geometry and its application in physics;
– Physical viability of metric nonlinear (higher derivative) gravity theories;
– Cosmology (with focus on symbolic computation in cosmology);
– Scientific method at its limit. Philosophical consequences of aspects theories and models.

Copernicus Center offers one scholarship for a postdoctoral stay at the Jagiellonian University at the Institute chosen by the researcher (Mathematics, Physics or Astronomy).
The scholarship in the amount of $2000 (gross amount before deductions which include: taxation, social security and health insurance; the scholarship will be converted to PLN using current exchange rate) is awarded for 12 months (proposed starting date October 2012).

Application deadline: May, 15, 2012

Eligibility: all researchers who have a PhD (in physics or astronomy or mathematics) awarded after 01.01.2006 (or who will have it awarded before the beginning of the scholarship) and are fluent in English.

Please send CV including the list of publications and a short resume of your PhD Thesis, letter of motivation, and a short description of the research project to: info[AT] (with the title: CCPOSTDOC)

The candidates should arrange the letter of recommendation to be sent directly to the above address.

For further information concerning the research team see webpage: