John Miller awarded 2011 IOP Gravitational Physics Group thesis prize co-sponsored by CQG

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I am delighted to announce that the 2011 IOP Gravitational Physics Group’s thesis prize, co-sponsored by Classical and Quantum Gravity, has been awarded to Dr John Miller, currently at Australian National University (ANU), for his excellent work on non-Gaussian beams and optomechanical parametric instabilities in gravitational wave detectors and their impact on designing future gravitational wave detectors.

Dr Miller completed his thesis at Glasgow University under the supervision of Prof. Ken Strain and Prof. Norna Robertson

The thesis is available to download from Glasgow University’s website.

Details of the prize, including nomination instructions for the 2012 prize, can be found at the Gravitational Physics Group’s web page.


Clifford M Will
Editor in Chief
Classical and Quantum Gravity