2012 IOP Gravitational Physics Group Thesis Prize (sponsored by CQG)

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The 2012 Institute of Physics Gravitational Physics Group Thesis Prize, sponsored by Classical and Quantum Gravity (CQG), will be made for excellence in postgraduate research and communication skills in gravitational physics. All members of the IOP Gravitational Physics Group who passed their PhD viva voce exam between 30 September 2010 and 31 December 2012 are entitled to enter the competition.

Note that the viva period for eligible candidates is longer than in previous years.

The winner will be awarded £500 and they will be invited to submit a paper to CQG based on the winning thesis which, if accepted, will be made a ’select article’ in CQG. Furthermore, the winner will be given the opportunity to present their work at one of the UK BritGrav meetings.

Anyone (student or otherwise) can nominate a candidate (including the candidate themselves). If you have someone in mind, please send an email to the IOP Gravitational Physics Group secretary (David Burton at d.burton[AT]lancaster.ac.uk) containing the candidate’s contact details and the committee will encourage them to enter the competition. The candidate must be a member of the IOP Gravitational Physics Group, and will be asked to provide their IOP membership number.

Please note that the student’s external PhD examiner must be willing to comment on the student’s research, quality of the student’s thesis and the student’s ability to cogently communicate their work (evidenced by their viva performance and/or seminars). Students are advised to consult their external examiner before entering the competition.