Algebro-geometric methods in fundamental physics, Bad Honnef, Germany

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Location:  Bad Honnef, Germany

The issue of this WEH Seminar goes back to the very early period where physical problems started to trigger the development of mathematical methods. That means, it started with astronomical problems of describing the motion of celestial bodies. A first essential milestone in that history was the invention of elliptic functions. This then has been developed further yielding the Jacoby inversion problem and the construction of Abelian functions, the cornerstone of the whole building of modern algebraic geometry. Today, algebra-geometric methods are widely implemented in the context of modern physical theories like General Relativity, gauge theory, quantum theory and also string theory. Accordingly, there is a wide interest in developing further these mathematical methods in various directions. It is the purpose of this WE-Heraeus-Seminar to present the state of the art of this area of mathematics and its applications to various issues in theoretical physics.

The WEH-Seminar is devoted to master students, PhD students as well as researchers.

We will also have a poster session. Every participant is invited to present her/his research as poster. At the end of the meeting we will have the best poster award.

Invited and confirmed speakers include M. Atiyah (Edinburgh), B. Dubrovin (Triest), N. Manton (Cambridge), W. Nahm (Dublin), E. Previato (Boston), and D. Zagier (Bonn).

Organizers of this conference are V. Enolskii, J. Kunz and C. Lämmerzahl.