Paris Spring Open Session of Scientific Culture 2012, “The Human and the Universe”

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We are pleased to inform you that the presentations by the lecturers during the Open Spring Session of the Chalonge School 10 May 2012 as well as the Photo Album of the meeting capturing moments of the stimulating atmosphere created by all lecturers and participants are available on-line at:

The session gathered together scientists, specialized journalists, students and personalities in a rich intellectual, open and inter-disciplinary prestigious framework. Science with great intellectual endeavor and a human face.

The session included the following panels and highlights:

– The Human and the Universe and the Human in Space. Profession Astronaut.
– High Mountain Observatories: scientific and human world heritage. Challenging Scientific Programmes for Space and results.
– The Chalonge School Scientific Programme 2012.
– From Jean Dominique Cassini (1625-1712) to the spacecraft Cassini-Huygens with a tour of the historic Perrault building and exhibition

We thank all again, both lecturers and participants, for having contributed so much to this session and we look forward to seeing you again in the next event of this series.

With Compliments and kind regards

Norma G Sanchez, Hector J. de Vega