New CQG focus issue: Tests of the weak equivalence principle

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Dear colleagues,

We are very pleased to bring you the latest CQG focus issue: tests of the weak equivalence principle, which is currently free to read on the CQG website.

This focus issue brings together a set of invited papers which explore the many aspects of testing the weak equivalence principle (WEP). An introductory article laying out the theoretical context is followed by articles on current laboratory experiments. Four articles describe the latest results from lunar laser ranging and binary pulsar timing, while two articles discuss progress toward testing the free fall of anti-Hydrogen. The final four articles address future experiments to be carried out in space on orbiting or sub-orbital platforms.

We hope that you will find this focus issue to be of interest. We invite you to publish your next paper with CQG and look forward to working with you soon.

Best wishes,

Clifford M Will
Clive C Speake
Guest Editors
Classical and Quantum Gravity