Gravitational waves – Publication of a new review paper

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M. Cerdonio, G. Losurdo – Rivista del Nuovo Cimento, 35, 389, 2012

“The purpose of this review is to give an outlook on the initial crop of GW observations, on their impact in fundamental physics, in relativistic astrophysics and in cosmology, and give also an updated view of the methods and technologies, which are making possible the historical achievement of opening the era of GW astronomy.” (From the abstract)

“The review paper “Gravitational waves from discovery to astronomy” by M. Cerdonio and G. Losurdo is a remarkable piece of scientific work (…)
Starting from first principles, the physics and technology involved in the contemporary search for gravitational wave is well described. In particular, some key physics issues, usually overlooked in other reviews, are here nicely analyzed. The perspectives of the field are clearly illustrated.” (From the referee’s report)