Postdoctoral position in gravitation at the Hebrew University

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Deadline:  2012-12-10

Location:  Jerusalem, Israel

There will be a postdoctoral opening in gravitation physics at the Hebrew University for the academic year 2013-2014 (preferred starting date of Oct. 1, 2013, but earlier starting dates will be considered) with an optional second year.  This is intended only for a person who obtained the Ph. D on or after Oct. 1, 2008.   For the general research interests in our gravity-astrophysics-cosmology group, please refer to My own research is nowadays concerned mostly with entropy and information bounds, ideas for probing quantum gravity in the lab, and the quasi normal modes of black holes in connection with black hole quantization.

The postdoctoral fellowships in question are the Lady Davis Fellowships or equivalent.   No need to fill out Lady Davis forms, but you may want to look at their Web page for information on what the fellowships are worth (the sums there need some updating).  I supplement that basic fellowship stipend by 20%, and also pay for some travel to conferences while the fellow is here.  These fellowships are tax free in Israel.

I prefer the application materials [CV, list of publications, statement of past and planned research (the last restricted to 2 pages) and 3 letters of recommendation] to arrive by e-mail.  My deadline this year is Dec. 10.

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