The Search for Quantum Gravity: CDT and Friends

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Date:  2012-12-11  -  2012-12-14

Location:  Nijmegen, The Netherlands

The purpose of this meeting is to gather researchers who have contributed to our understanding of quantum gravity by using nonperturbative path integral methods, in one way or the other related to Causal Dynamical Triangulations (CDT). This covers a considerable range of results, from exact treatments in 1+1 dimensions (purely geometric, multicritical and matter-coupled models, relation with random trees, zero-dimensional string field etc.) to investigations in 3+1 dimensions using numerical and RG methods (phase structure and transitions, construction of effective theories, spectral dimension, emergence of macroscopic geometry etc.), as well as a number of interesting results in 2+1 dimensions.

Scientific Organizers: J. Ambjørn (Niels Bohr I. and RU Nijmegen), J. Jurkiewicz (U. Krakow), R. Loll (RU Nijmegen)

Invited speakers: M. Atkin (U. Bielefeld), D. Benedetti (Albert Einstein I.), V. Bonzom (Perimeter I.), T. Budd (Niels Bohr I.), Z. Burda (Jagiellonian U. Krakow), G. Calcagni (IEM-CSIC, Madrid), J. Cooperman (UC Davis), B. Dittrich (Perimeter I.), B. Durhuus (U. Copenhagen), A. Görlich (Niels Bohr I.), P. Horava (UC Berkeley), T. Jonsson (U. Iceland, Reykjavik), S. Jordan (Radboud U. Nijmegen), A. Kreienbühl (Radboud U. Nijmegen), J. Laiho (U. Glasgow), M.A. Martin Delgado (UC Madrid, tbc), F. Saueressig (U. Mainz), L. Smolin (Perimeter I., tbc), M. Visser (Victoria U., Wellington), S. Weinfurtner (SISSA, Trieste), J. Wheater (U. Oxford), S. Zohren (PCU Rio de Janeiro).

More information will be available soon at the URL provided below. The meeting is open to all interested researchers.