IVth School of Astroparticle Physics: Gravitational Waves

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Date:  2013-05-27  -  2013-06-01

Location:  Saint Michel l'Observatoire

Thanks to the advent of a second generation of instruments, we are at the dawn of the first direct detection of gravitational waves (GW). GW are expected to be emmitted in violent astrophysical events, possibly in connection with other types of emission, observable in the electromagnetic or neutrino spectra, such as, e.g., GRBs. This motivates correlating future GW observations with those of conventional astronomy. Developing such an multi-messenger astrophysics is a timely effort that can be achieved by bringing together the communities involved in both the observational and theoretical aspects.

This school aims at bringing together experts from a wide range of disciplines, including specialists in GW sources and their modelling, high-energy physicists, phenomenologists or observers. The goal is to foster the exchange of expertise between the audience and the speakers representing their own scientific communities, and to contribute to training a new generation of young researchers in these fields.