The Chalonge School Programme 2013

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22 Years of Activity-Calling for Understanding

Science with great intellectual endeavour and a Human Face

Welcome to the Chalonge School: A Laboratory of Ideas.
Research, Training and Scientific Culture.

A beacon pioneering and developping research, projects and training. The programme offers unvaluable international current research view at the forefront of astrophysics and cosmology, international contacts at the highest level and a careful interdisciplinarity, with both Theory and Observations. The programme is open to researchers, post-docs and advanced students of the different disciplines in the field, both theorists, experimentalists, observers. Advanced students, post-docs, young researchers are encouradged to participate. The programme includes scientific culture events and exhibitions.

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The Chalonge School Team

Norma G. SANCHEZ, Héctor J. DE VEGA, Maria C. FALVELLA, Alba ZANINI, Marina RAMON MEDRANO, Annalisa PERISSA and other colleagues …..

Technical Support:
Djilali ZIDANI, François SEVRE, Nicole LETOURNEUR, Jean-Pierre MICHEL, Sylvain CNUDDE, Emmanuel VERGNAUD, Jèrome BERTHIER, and other colleagues….

The Chalonge School Medal:

The Chalonge Medal is coined exclusively for the Chalonge School by the Hôtel de la Monnaie de Paris (the French Mint). Only nine Chalonge medals have been awarded in the 21 year school history.

Awarded Daniel Chalonge Medals:

Subramanyan CHANDRASEKHAR, Nobel prize of physics.
George SMOOT, Nobel prize of physics.
Carlos FRENK.
Anthony LASENBY.
John MATHER, Nobel prize of physics.
Brian SCHMIDT, Nobel prize of Physics.

School Courses, Lectures and Lecturers, Album of Pictures :

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