Quantum Fields, Gravity and Information, Nottingham, UK

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Date:  2013-04-03  -  2013-04-05

Location:  Nottingham, UK

We are pleased to invite postgraduate researchers, from inside and outside the UK, to exchange ideas on the mathematical aspects of relativistic quantum physics. A special focus will be given to relativistic quantum information, a relatively young field which combines techniques from quantum field theory, quantum gravity, quantum information and quantum optics.

Our invited speakers reflect the diversity of areas covered:

Prof. Bob Coecke (Oxford)
Dr. Ivette Fuentes (Nottingham)
Dr. Etera Livine (Lyon)
Prof. Tim Ralph (Brisbane)

Funding is available to cover accommodation and travel for up to 30 participants. We expect to give all of them the opportunity to contribute either with a talk or a poster.