The 2013 yearly ICRANet Scientific Meeting on Relativistic Astrophysics

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Date:  2013-06-03  -  2013-06-21

Location:  Pescara (Italy), Rome (Italy)

The 2013 yearly ICRANet Scientific Meeting on Relativistic Astrophysics
(June 3-21 Pescara, Italy, Rome, Italy)
on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Kerr solution of the Einstein’s equations, in presence of Roy Kerr and of the ICRANet Scientific Committee

International Organizing Committee: Felix Aharonian (Armenia), Lorenzo Amati (Italy), Giovanni Amelino-Camelia (Italy), David Arnett (USA), Vladimir Belinski (Italy), Carlo Luciano Bianco (Italy), Donato Bini (Italy), João Braga (Brazil), Sandip Kumar Chakrabarti (India), Pascal Chardonnet (France), Valeri Chechetkin (Russia), Christian Cherubini (Italy), Thibault Damour (France), Massimo Della Valle (Italy), Jaan Einasto (Estonia), Francis Everitt (USA), Simonetta Filippi (Italy), Sergio Frasca (Italy), Filippo Frontera (Italy), Jean-Marc Gambaudo (France), Gabriele Gionti (USA), Robert Jantzen (USA), Yipeng Jing (P.R. China), Roy Kerr (New Zealand), Isaak Markovich Khalatnikov (Russia), Hagen Kleinert (Germany), Hyung Won Lee (South Korea), Olivier Legrand (France), John Madey (USA), John Mester (USA), Francois Mignard (France), Charles Misner (USA), Hermann Nicolai (Germany), Mario Novello (Brazil), Alex Pelster (Germany), Elena Pian (Italy), Tsvi Piran (Israel), Elène Politano (France), Vladimir Popov (Russia), Brian Matthew Punsly (USA), Hernando C. Quevedo (Mexico), Johann Rafelski (USA), Piero Rosati (Germany), Kjell Rosquist (Sweden), Jorge Rueda (Italy), Remo Ruffini (Chairman, Italy), Felix Ryde (Sweden), Gerard ’t Hooft (Holland), Marco Tavani (Italy), Lev Titarchuk (USA), Farrokh Vakili (France), Gregory Vereshchagin (Italy), She Sheng Xue (Italy), Shuangnan Zhang (P.R. China)

ICRANet (; is an International Organization devoted to scientific researches in Relativistic Astrophysics. Current ICRANet Members are: Armenia, Brazil, Italy, Vatican, ICRA, University of Arizona, University of Stanford. Current ICRANet Seats are located in: Nice (France), Pescara (Italy, headquarters), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, including the Brazilian Science Data Center BSDC), Rome (Italy), Yerevan (Armenia).

In the last meeting held in Washington Professor Giacconi, who had covered the Presidency of the Scientific Committee for two terms, proposed to modify the occurrence of the meeting of the Committee from a two days meeting in December to a more extended activity in June in one of the ICRANet Seats. We consider this suggestion very appropriate and we are calling a meeting of the Scientific Committee during a three weeks period to be held in Pescara in which the Member of the Scientific committee can follow the presentation of all involved scientists and students on the following topics which have been traditionally covered in the yearly report to the ICRANet board:

-) Exact solutions of Einstein and Einstein – Maxwell equations (lead by Vladimir Belinski)
-) Gamma-Ray Bursts (lead by Carlo Bianco Luciano)
-) Relativistic effects in Physics and Astrophysics (lead by Remo Ruffini)
-) Perspectives for Italy-Brazil collaborations on space projects (lead by Joao Braga)
-) Cosmology and large scale structures (lead by Jaan Einasto)
-) Theoretical Astroparticle Physics (lead by Gregory Vereshchagin)
-) Generalization of the Kerr-Newman solution (lead by Roy Kerr)
-) Report from ICRANet Rio de Janeiro (lead by Mario Novello)
-) Black Holes and Quasars (lead by Brian Punsly)
-) Electron-positron pairs in physics and astrophysics (lead by She-Sheng Xue)
-) From heavy nuclei to black holes (lead by Jorge A. Rueda)
-) From Nuclei to Compact Stars (lead by Jorge A. Rueda)
-) Supernovae (lead by Massimo Della Valle)
-) Symmetries in General Relativity (lead by Donato Bini)
-) Self Gravitating Systems, Galactic Structures and Galactic Dynamics (lead by Simonetta Filippi)
-) Interdisciplinary Complex Systems (lead by Simonetta Filippi)

The meeting will be organized by the Members of the Scientific Committee, by the scientists members of the Board of ICRANet as well as the scientists of the ICRA Assembly and Council. A preliminary program will be circulated in the forthcoming weeks.

In addition to all the Members of the Scientific committee, there will be present all scientists collaborating in these research and the presentation by the graduate students of their thesis activities. We will have seminars by a selected number of ICRANet Adjunct Professors as well as distinguished visitors. In particular, in addition to the Members of the IOC, Roy Kerr, ICRANet Adjunct Professor, is going to celebrate in Pescara the 50th anniversary of his solution. There will be Thibault Damour, ICRANet Adjunct Professor, as well as Bob Williams who has recently joined the Council of ICRA, Philippe Jetzer newly nominated Adjunct Professor, and we expect as well the presence of Prof. Martin Rees, Prof. George Alekseev, Prof. Victor Berezin, Prof. Antonino Di Piazza, Prof. Feng Long Long, Prof. Mo Hou Jun, Prof. Nelson Pinto-Neto, Prof. Wolfgang Rindler and many others.

Contributions are accepted on any of the above mentioned research topic. Participation is welcome both of Post-Doc and Researchers (registration fee 300.00 EUR) and of graduate and undergraduate students (registration fee 150.00 EUR).

For information please contact secretariat[AT]