Infinities and Cosmology, Cambridge, UK

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Date:  2013-03-18  -  2013-03-21

Location:  Cambridge, UK

The Infinities and Cosmology mini-series will be held in Cambridge from March 18-21. Talks will be aimed at a broad audience with interests in philosophy as well as physics.

Confirmed speakers include:

Anthony Aguirre, University of California Santa Cruz
Mihalis Dafermos, University of Cambridge / Princeton University
Michael R Douglas, Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, Stony Brook University
George Ellis, University of Cape Town
Mark Hogarth, University of Cambridge
Simon Saunders, University of Oxford

Three days of talks will be followed by a one-day workshop. Registration is open, and practical details can be found at the URL below.

Posted on behalf of the organizing committee, John Barrow, Jeremy Butterfield and David Sloan, also on behalf of the rest of the joint Oxford-Cambridge Establishing the Philosophy of Cosmology project.