New look for hyperspace!

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Dear all,

I am glad to announce hyperspace’s new look! Behind what seems only an aesthetical restyle there is a major overhaul of hyperspace, which is now fully compatible with WordPress and less relying on purpose-made scripts. This will mean a higher level of security and the ability to continuosly improve the site as new versions of WordPress are released.

Notable new changes are:
– easier to use forms for posting job, conferences, etc. with a simple-to-use captcha filter.
– the ability to browse all posts back in time (and not just in the future).
– an easier management of the personal profiles.

We have tested the site carefully but glitches are still possible. Should you encounter one, please be patient and report it immediately. As always we strive to give you the best  service and as ever we will benefit from your input on how to improve hyperspace.

Luciano Rezzolla and the hyperspace@aei team (Frank Schulz and Marcus Thienert)