Chalonge School Open session Latest news from the Universe, Paris, France

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Date:  2013-03-15  -  2013-03-15

Location:  Observatoire de Paris, historic Perrault building, France

The open session of scientific culture of the International School Daniel Chalonge will be held on Friday, March 15, 2013 from 14h30 to 19h at the Observatoire de Paris. In the presence of the astronaut Michel Ange Tognini, Brigadier General of the Air Force, Commander of the Legion of Honor. This event is open to all interested publics, scientists, post-docs, students and journalists.

Hector J. DE VEGA (Director of Research at CNRS, UPMC LPTHE, Paris) “Latest news of the universe, from its origins to the present day.”

Noël Dimarcq (Director of Research at CNRS and Director of the SIRTE Laboratory, Observatoire de Paris) “Measurement and Difussion of time, atoms and talking clock.”

Helios JAIME (Linguist, epistemologist, University of Sorbonne, Paris) “Ideo-semantics and epistemology in scientific culture”

Norma G. SANCHEZ (Research Director at the CNRS, Observatoire de Paris LERMA Laboratory, Director of the International School of Astrophysics Daniel Chalonge) “The latest news from the universe from its origins to the present day and the 2013 program of the Chalonge School”

Francois SEVRE (Engineer at CNRS, IAP Paris) and Norma G. SANCHEZ “Daniel Chalonge Archives and instruments from its origins to the present day”

Michel Ange TOGNINI (Brigadier General of the Army Air Force, Astronaut, Commander of the Legion of Honor, France) “Highlights from my Space Missions”

Alba ZANINI (INFN-Turin University, Turin City Ambassador for Culture Science) “The Chalonge School Programme at Turin in 2013.” and “The Extreme Laboratories from High Mountain to Antarctica”