The Chalonge School 17th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2013 “The New Standard Model of the Universe: Lambda Warm Dark Matter. Theory and Observations”

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Date:  2013-07-26  -  2013-03-19

Location:  Paris, France

In the context of the new Warm Dark Matter situation, which implies novelties in the astrophysical, cosmological and keV particle physics context, this 17th Paris Colloquium 2013 is devoted to the New Standard Model of the Universe: LambdaWDM.

Topics include:

Observational and theoretical progress on the nature of dark matter: keV scale warm dark matter. Cored density profiles in agreement with observations. Large and small scale structure formation in agreement with observations at large scales and small (galactic) scales. Warm (keV scale) dark matter from theory and observations. The new quantum mechanical framework to galactic structure. WDM core sizes in agreement with observations. Supermassive Black Holes: Theory and Observations. The clarifing and unifying WDM framework for stars, galaxies and cosmology. Warm (keV scale) dark matter N-body simulations in agreement with observations at large and intermediate scales. Neutrinos in astrophysics and cosmology. The new serious dark matter candidate: Sterile neutrinos at the keV scale. Active neutrinos mass bounds from cosmological data and from high precision beta decay experiments. Dark energy: cosmological constant: the quantum energy of the cosmological vacuum. The analysis of the CMB + LSS + SN data with the effective (Ginsburg-Landau) effective theory of inflation: New Inflation (double well inflaton potential) strongly favored by the CMB + LSS + SN data. The lower bound for the primordial gravitons (non vanishing tensor to scalar ratio r) with the present CMB+LSS+SN data. CMB news and polarization. Forecasts and Planck results and other topics.

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