Numerical Relativity and Data Analysis Meeting 2013, Mallorca, Spain

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Date:  2013-09-18  -  2013-09-21

Location:  Pollentia Resort, Mallorca, Spain

Numerical Relativity and Data Analysis Meeting
18-21 September, 2013, Club Pollentia Resort, Mallorca, Spain

The next Numerical Relativity and Data Analysis Meeting (NRDA) will be held at the Club Pollentia Resort, Mallorca, Spain, from 18-21 September 2013, and hosted by the Gravitational Physics Group at the University of the Balearic Islands.

The purpose of the meeting will be to bring together numerical relativists, gravitational wave data analysts, analytical relativists and a wider gravitational wave physics audience to advance the interface of numerical simulations of the Einstein equations with gravitational wave observations.

The meeting program will start on September 18 in the morning, and conclude with lunch on September 21.
Participants traveling to the LVC meeting will find several daily direct flights to Hannover available.

For further information on the meeting see the website

The meeting will be held at a four-star resort located in a nature reserve on the coast of Mallorca. A block of 50 rooms has been reserved on an all inclusive board basis until ** May 28th **, afterwards we cannot guarantee hotel reservation or price. Cancellations before Sep 10, 2013 do not incur a cancellation fee [in case of last minute cancellations our travel agent will try to negotiate a full or partial waiver of standard hotel cancellation fees].

Note that there is no alternative accommodation available in the immediate vicinity – accommodation should therefore be booked ** before May 28 ** (further hotels are however available within a few km radius).