Highlights and Conclusions of the Chalonge 16th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2012

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Highlights and Conclusions of the Chalonge 16th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2012


LWDM (Warm Dark Matter) is progressing impressively. The galactic scale crisis and decline of LCDM+baryons (Cold Dark Matter + baryons) are staggering. The 16th Paris Chalonge Colloquium 2012 combined real cosmological/astrophysical/particle/nuclear data and hard theory predictive approach in the LWDM Standard Cosmological Model. News and reviews from ACT, WMAP, SPT, QUIET, Planck, Herschel, JWST, UFFO, KATRIN and MARE experiments; astrophysics, particle and nuclear physics WDM searches, galactic observations, neutrinos, related theory and simulations, with the aim of synthesis and clarification.

Highlights by Peter BIERMANN Carlo BURIGANA, Christopher CONSELICE, Asantha COORAY, Hector dE VEGA, Carlo GIUNTI & Marco LAVEDER, John KORMENDI & K FREEMAN, Ernest MA, John MATHER, Lyman PAGE, Norma SANCHEZ, George SMOOT.
Summary and conclusions by dE VEGA, FALVELLA and SANCHEZ.

Data confirm primordial CMB gaussianity. Effective (Ginsburg-Landau) Inflation theory predicts r about 0.04-0.05, negligeable running of ns, the inflation energy scale (GUT scale) and the set of CMB observables in agreement with the data.
WMAP9 and Planck measurements are compatible with one or two Majorana sterile neutrinos in the eV mass scale.

Cored (non cusped) DM halos and keV WDM are strongly favored by theory and observations, Wimps are strongly disfavoured. LambdaCDM + baryons do not work at small scales. Inside galaxy cores, quantum WDM effects are important.
Quantum WDM calculations (Thomas-Fermi) provide galaxy masses, velocity dispersions and cored profiles and their sizes in agreement with observations.

A WDM fermion of about 2 keV naturally reproduces galaxy, large scale and cosmological observations. WDM keV particles deserve dedicated astronomical and laboratory searches, theoretical work and numerical simulations. KATRIN can be adapted to look to keV scale sterile neutrinos. It will be a fantastic discovery to detect dark matter in a beta decay.

Daniel Chalonge Medal 2012: Brian Schmidt, Nobel Prize in Physics 2011

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