Multi-Messengers from Core-Collapse Supernovae (MMCOCOS)

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Date:  2013-12-02  -  2013-12-06

Location:  Fukuoka, Japan

The aim of the workshop is to set an opportunity for specialists around the world who are now touching to 3D, general relativistic, Boltzmann neutrino transport to meet together and have exciting discussions with world-leading observers (including KAGRA, Super-Kamiokande, Subaru, Suzaku, etc) and their data-analyst on the SN multi messengers produced deep inside the central core. Such an exciting encounter that is intended to bridge theory and observation, will provide wonderful opportunities to start a future collaboration, only by which a great progress will be brought about on our understanding of time-honored puzzles about supernova mechanisms.

– Explosion theory of core-collapse supernovae
– How to detect neutrinos and gravitational waves from next nearby supernova event and what we can learn from them ?
– Nucleosynthesis
– Strategy toward multi-messenger astronomy of compact objects
– Roles of magnetic fields
– Weak interactions and equations of state for dense matter
– Supernova Remnants
– Efficient supercomputing algorithms for stellar core-collapse simulations

Tentative Invited Speakers (* to be confirmed):
M. Ando (U Tokyo)
S. Couch (U Chicago)
K. Hayama (Osaka-city U)
S. Horiuchi (UCI)
S. Katsuda (RIKEN)
J. Kneller (NC state)
Y. Koshio (U Okayama)
Y. Masada (U Kobe)
B. Messer (ORNL)
K. Nakazato (TUS)
M. Obergaulinger (U Valencia)
C. Ott (Caltech)
G. Shen (TU Darmstadt)
F. Salemi (AEI)*
T. Takiwaki (NAOJ)
M. Tanaka (NAOJ)
M. Vagins (IPMU)
S. Wanajo (NAOJ)
S. Yamada (Waseda U)

Scientific Organizers:
K. Sato (NINS), S. Yamada (Waseda U), Kohsuke Sumiyoshi (Numazu College),Tomoya Takiwaki (NAOJ),Yudai Suwa (YITP), Takami Kuroda (Basel U), Kei Kotake (Fukuoka U: co-ordinator)

Contact: kkotake [at]

Supported by
Grants-in-Aid for the Scientific Research from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Japan (Nos. 23540323, 23340069, and 24244036) and by HPCI Strategic Program of Japanese MEXT.