CoCoNuT Meeting 2013, Meudon, Paris

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Date:  2013-12-04  -  2013-12-06

Location:  Meudon, France

The CoCoNuT code is a general relativistic hydrodynamics code with dynamical spacetime evolution. The aim of this numerical code is the study of several astrophysical scenarios in which general relativity can play an important role, namely the collapse of rapidly rotating stellar cores and the evolution of isolated neutron stars. More information about the CoCoNuT code can be found in:

The emphasis of the meeting this year shall be put on formulations of Einstein equations. Recent progress and future developments of these fields and of the CoCoNuT code shall be discussed, but not exclusively. Possible topics of the meeting are:

· Gravitational waves.
· Black hole excision techniques.
· Numerical methods.

Together with the usual suspects:

· Core collapse simulations.
· Magnetic fields.
· Structure of neutron stars.
· Microphysics and neutrino transport.

The purpose of the CoCoNuT meeting is twofold: on the one hand it is intended as a regular (yearly so far) meeting of the CoCoNuT users, but it also serves as an opportunity to interchange ideas with users of similar numerical codes. Therefore the attendance to the meeting of anyone outside the CoCoNuT community is welcome.