PhD and postdoctoral positions for space interferometry at the AEI Hannover

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Deadline:  2013-11-17

Location:  Hannover, Germany

The space interferometry working group of the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute, AEI) in Hannover invites applications for doctoral students and postdoctoral positions to support existing projects, as well as to set up new projects.

Our general aim is the development of laser interferometers in space for the detection of gravitational waves (LISA) and surveying Earth’s gravity field (GRACE Follow-On and successional missions). In this context we have close collaboration with the space industry, as well as ESA and NASA. Our working group currently has about 25 members from various countries, the working language is english.

The main tasks are the planning and construction of prototypes, subsequent testing of the resulting industrial hardware, as well as numerical simulations. The methods comprise laser optics, electronics, numerical mathematics, digital signal processing (DSP) – e.g. with FPGAs and micro controllers – programming in C, C++, and MATLAB, development of algorithms for data filtering. It may also extend to include system engineering and project management.

We offer outstanding working conditions in a highly motivated international environment, the possibility to gain knowledge and experience in the mentioned fields, a pleasant working atmosphere as well as high quality of life in a beautiful district of Hannover. We expect highly motivated candidates, with an enthusiastic approach to work, a good level of spoken and written english, knowledge in some of the topics mentioned above, and the willingness to gain missing knowledge.

The salary is in accordance with general Max Planck regulations.

The Max Planck Society aims to increase the number of women in fields in which they are under-represented. Women are therefore specifically encouraged to apply.
The Max Planck Society aims to increase the number of disabled employees. People with disabilities are specifically encouraged to apply.