From Classical to Quantum GR: Applications to cosmology, Brighton, UK

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Date:  2014-04-23  -  2014-04-25

Location:  Brighton, UK

This short Graduate School which will take place on April 23-25 2014 will be the second of a series started in 2013 at the University of Sussex. From Classical to Quantum GR aims at bringing together students from high energy physics, cosmology and astrophysics to discuss the state of the art in classical and quantum gravity. The series started in 2013 as a COST school and focussed on applications to black holes. The 2014 edition will focus on applications to cosmology. Our sponsors this year are SEPnet and the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at Sussex.

We have planned the following lectures:

– Inflation and Higgs inflation, Fedor Bezrukov (University of Connecticut)
– Quantum Gravity imprints in the CMB, Claus Kiefer (University of Cologne)
– Quantum Gravity Phenomenology, Sabine Hossenfelder (Nordita, Stockholm)
– Review of LambdaCDM cosmology, David Seery (University of Sussex)
– more speakers are currently being contacted

We kindly ask you to register (below) as soon as possible, the deadline for registration will be April 4, 2014. The registration fees have been fixed at 50 GBP and will cover coffee breaks and a pub evening.