Recent Developments in Gravity, Mykonos, Greece

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Date:  2014-09-17  -  2014-09-20

Location:  Mykonos Island, Greece

This is the 16th biennial Hellenic conference “Recent Developments in Gravity (NEB 16)”. The purpose of the conference will be to discuss the present status and latest developments in relativity, gravitation and cosmology. The program will consist of invited, keynote, and contributed talks.

Invited/Keynote Speakers: L. Amendola, L. Barack, M. Bojowald, A. Calder, V. Ferrari, V. Kalogera, J. Lattimer, D. Lust, M. Maggiore, D. Oriti, L. Rezzolla, B. Schutz, M. Shibata, T. Sotiriou

Organizing Committee: T. Apostolatos [CHAIR], K. Kokkotas, M. Sakellariadou, N. Stergioulas, E.C. Vagenas