The Chalonge School Meudon Workshop 2014 “From large to small scale structures in agreement with observations”

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Date:  2014-06-04  -  2014-06-06

Location:  Meudon Castle-CIAS, Observatoire de Paris, Meudon, France

The Chalonge School Meudon Workshop 2014 “From Large to Small scale structures in Agreement with Observations: CMB, WDM, Galaxies, Black holes, Neutrinos and Sterile Neutrinos”

A Turning Point operated recently in the Dark Matter research: Warm Dark Matter (WDM) emerged impressively over Cold Dark Matter (CDM) as the leading Dark Matter candidate. WDM solves naturally the problems of CDM and CDM + baryons.

LambdaWDM provides the same large scale and CMB results than LambdaCDM and agrees with the observations at the galactic and small scales. Warm Dark Matter (WDM) implies progresses in the astrophysical,cosmological, particle and nuclear physics context.

This workshop addresses the last developements in WDM, including its distribution function and equation of state, the quantum mechanical framework to galaxy structure reproducing in particular the observed galaxy cores and their sizes and the dwarf galaxies.

This workshop puts together astrophysical, cosmological, particle and nuclear WDM, astronomical observations, theory and WDM analytical and numerical frameworks which reproduce the observations. The Workshop addresses as well the theoretical and experimental search for the leading WDM particle candidate: keV sterile neutrinos.

The New Dark Matter Situation Today: Warm Dark Matter in Agreement with Observations at all scales: small structures, galaxies, large, cosmological and CMB scales.

The CDM crisis, CDM+ baryons crisis and WIMP crisis and their decline.