NAM2014 session: “Neutron Star Behaviour: Multi-messenger Observations and Theory”, Portsmouth (UK)

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Date:  2014-06-23  -  2014-06-26

Location:  Portsmouth, UK

It is an exciting time for studying neutron stars, both observationally and theoretically. New and important discoveries are driving better understanding of these exotic stars, and the physics that governs them, thanks to instruments across the EM spectrum, including LOFAR, VLT, XMM-Newton, Swift, and Fermi. These include: constraints on the nuclear equation of state from measurements of the highest mass neutron stars, direct evidence for and constraints on superfluid and superconducting matter in neutron stars, discovery of discrete state switching in isolated and binary pulsars, and detection of gamma-rays from objects across the broad pulsar population. The advent of multi-messenger neutron star astronomy is on the immediate horizon with IceCube and Advanced LIGO/Virgo, and the more distant future is bright with SKA, Athena+, and LOFT. Submit an abstract and join us to discuss this fascinating topic.

Session chairs: Wynn Ho (Southampton), Michael Keith (Manchester).