Supernovae, Gamma-ray bursts and the induced gravitational collapse, Les Houches, France

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Date:  2014-05-11  -  2014-05-16

Location:  Les Houches, France

Ecole de Physique de Les Houches
IRAP PhD and Erasmus Mundus Workshop
Supernovae, Gamma-ray bursts and the induced gravitational collapse

The workshop is promoted by ICRANet within the International Relativistic Astrophysics Ph.D. Program (IRAP PhD) and the ERASMUS MUNDUS activities. The recent astrophysical data observed by the satellites Swift, Fermi, Agile as well as the observations of the largest telescopes: VLT, Canari Island and KEK in Hawaii give a clear evidence for a new scenario of understanding between Supernovae and the GRBs. The induced gravitational concept initially proposed in 2001 and then in 2006 revisited appear to give a complete explanation of the main observational data. The new concept of cosmic matrix has been recently proposed and will be discussed with special attention to GRBs 970828, 060218, 060614, 060729, 061007, 080319B, 090227B, 090510A, 090618, 091127, 101023, 110709B, 111228A, 130427A, 130925A.

Invited lecturers include: Boer Michel, Della Valle Massimo, Izzo Luca, Meynet George, Muccino Marco, Nomoto Ken’ichi t.b.c., Penacchioni Ana Virginia, Pisani Giovanni Battista, Soderberg Alicia t.b.c., Xang-Yu Wang et al.

Les Houches Physics School is affiliated with Universite’ Joseph Fourier Grenoble I (UJF). The school is a joint interuniversity facility of UJF and Grenoble-INP, and the Direction des Sciences de la Matiere du Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique (CEA/DSM).

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