Mons Meeting 2014 on Multidisciplinary aspects of Compact Object Physics

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Date:  2014-08-26  -  2014-08-29

Location:  Belgium, Mons

The second edition of the Mons Meeting will be held at the University of Mons from Aug. 26 to Aug. 29 2014. The workshop will be organized over 4 days, the morning being devoted to plenary lectures from experts in Astroparticle detection, Gravity, Nuclear Physics, electromagnetic applications and QCD.

Registration is free, however the number of participants is limited.


Compact objects are the endpoints of stellar evolution. They connect all the aspects of fundamental interactions.

In particular, neutron stars are ideal labs for testing the unknown properties of strong interactions in a regime that cannot be approached in laboratories, namely the high density regime. In fact all four interactions interplay. For instance as very compact objects, neutron stars and black holes are described by General Relativity. On another hand current observations rely on atomic spectroscopic observations, described by the electromagnetic interaction. Neutron stars are made of nuclear matter, described by the strong interaction, while macroscopic quantities such as the mass, the spin, and so forth are dictated by gravity. The dynamics leading to the formation of these compact objects are known to involve weak interaction processes, which can be detected by neutrino observatories.

The aim of this workshop is twofold. First, it brings together experts from all four interactions around the fascinating topic of compact object physics. The discussion sessions will be very instructive and will provide an opportunity for all communities to talk to each other. Secondly, this workshop is intended to be accessible to Ph. D. students, as part of the Doctoral School trainings (PandA). The afternoon presentation sessions will allow participants, in particular Ph.D. Students, to report on their research.

This Workshop is the second edition of the Mons Meeting in Gravity, initiated in 2013.