Black Holes and Friends, Shanghai, China (2nd announcement)

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Date:  2015-03-30  -  2015-04-01

Location:  Shanghai, China

Black holes and relativistic stars are among the most fascinating objects in the Universe and they attract the interest of both physicists and astrophysicists. The workshop will bring together theorists, observers, and experimentalists. The program will include invited talks, contributed talks, and time for free discussions.

Invited Speakers:
Denis Bastieri (Padua)
Heino Falcke (Nijmegen)
Lijun Gou (NAOC)
Matteo Guainazzi (ESA)
Vladimir Karas (Astronomical Institute)
Michiel van der Klis (Amsterdam) *
Jian-Min Wang (IHEP)
Qingwen Wu (HUST)
Renxin Xu (PKU)
Wenfei Yu (SHAO)
Ye-Fei Yuan (USTC)
Shuang-Nan Zhang (IHEP) *
* To be confirmed