The Second Cesar Lattes Meeting, Niteroi-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2nd announcement)

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Date:  2015-04-13  -  2015-04-18

Location:  Niteroi-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This scientific meeting will celebrate the International Year of Light under the aegis of UNESCO, the 100th anniversary of the Einstein Equations as well as the “Golden Jubilee” of Relativistic Astrophysics. It will take place at CBPF and UFF from the 13 to the 18 of April.
Public lectures will be delivered at the The Rio de Janeiro Planetarium as well as, in the following week, at Universities in Brazil including the UFPE in Recife, at UFPB in Joao Pessoa and at IFCE in Fortaleza. The meeting is dedicated to the coordination of the ICRANet Scientific activities in Brazil preceding to the MGXIV meeting in Rome in July 2015.
The meeting will cover observational activities in the X, gamma ray and UHECR, theoretical progress in the relativistic astrophysics of Neutron Stars, Black Holes, Gravitational Waves and Cosmology as well as the development of the Brazilian Science Data Center (BSDC). It will address scientific issues from galactic and extragalactic sources and as far back in time as the appearance of the first structures in our Universe.
Particular attention will be dedicated to illustrate the recent scientific progress in the Ph.D. thesis within the ICRANet joint International Relativistic Astrophysics Ph.D. program (the IRAP Ph.D. and EMJD Programs). These results will be illustrated by the former students. Recent scientific publications from postdoctoral research at ICRANet centers in Brazil and in Europe will be reviewed. The presence of senior research leaders from Brazil and Europe as well as of the ICRANet faculty will foster the interactions with the Brazilian scientific community at large.
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