Molecule-type workshop on “Radiation Reaction in General Relativity”

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Date:  2015-06-22  -  2015-07-10

Location:  Kyoto, Japan

This is a 3-week workshop on radiation reaction problem in general relativity, which includes 18th Capra meeting in the middle. Since the first meeting in 1998 (held at Caltech’s Capra ranch near San Diego), Capra meetings have been bringing together relativists interested in the problem of radiation reaction in general relativity and its application to extreme-mass-ratio inspirals (EMRIs) as one of the best places to test general relativity using direct detection of gravitational waves. The meetings are focused on an important open problem in general relativity, which is getting more and more relevant by the exciting prospect of directly observing gravitational waves in near future.

In addition to the discussion about the technical details in the computation of gravitational radiation reaction, this year we would like to discuss more about the connection between the radiation reaction problem and gravitational wave observations. Advanced ground detectors such as advLIGO, advVirgo and KAGRA are going to be on-line in near future. LISA pathfinder is going to be launched in 2015. The space mission DECIGO, which has better sensitivity at the frequency band in the middle of those of the ground detectors and the eLISA, was proposed in Japan. Therefore, it is very timely to have an extensive discussion on this issue. The 18th Capra meeting will last for 4 days. The meeting will composed of a few invited review talks, short contributed presentations, and open discussion sessions. Contributed talks on all aspects of the radiation reaction problem, including related topics such as astrophysical aspects of EMRI or data analysis, are welcome.