The Chalonge School 19th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2015: Latest News from the Universe: Warm Dark Matter Cosmology: CMB, Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Sterile Neutrinos

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Date:  2015-07-22  -  2015-07-24

Location:  Paris, Observatoire de Paris HQ, in the Historic Perrault building

Warm Dark Matter is hot topic in cosmology and implies novelties in the astrophysical, cosmological, particle and nuclear physics context. The 19th Paris Colloquium 2015 is devoted to Warm Dark Matter Cosmology, CMB, Dark Energy and the Warm Dark Matter particle candidates: keV sterile neutrinos. Astrophysical constraints put the sterile neutrino mass m in the range 1 < m < 10 keV. The Colloquium is within the astrofundamental physics spirit of the Chalonge School, on recent observational and theoretical progress. Topics include: The crisis of Cold Dark Matter (CDM + its failed baryonic cures), the crisis of Wimps and their scientific decline. Galaxy structure theory in agreement with observations The 3.5 keV X-ray line in clusters of galaxies. The CMB data analysis with neutrinos and sterile neutrinos. News on the effective neutrino number Neff and sterile neutrinos. News from reactor and accelerator experiments on sterile neutrinos and their science implications. Cosmic neutrino background and methods for its detection CMB polarisation, primordial gravitational waves and the effective theory of inflation. KATRIN, ASTRO-H, PTOLEMY, JWST, ..... And Other Topics.... Informations on the previous Paris Cosmology Colloquia and of the School events are available at (Lecturers, lists of participants, .pdf lecture files, Highlights and Conclusions and photos during the Colloquia). With compliments and kind regards. Norma G. Sanchez , Hector J. de Vega and the Chalonge School Team