Focus Program on 100 years of General Relativity, Toronto

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Date:  2015-05-11  -  2015-06-27

Location:  Toronto, Canada

A 7-week focus program on Einstein equations, to be held at the Fields Institute of Mathematical Sciences, in Toronto. The aim is to cover many areas, with special focus weeks on: Constraint equations and mass-momentum inequalities, Perturbation methods, Black hole stability, Singularities in General Relativity, and Nonlinear Waves.

In addition, we will have a main international conference from June 1–5. The organizing committee consists of both mathematicians and physicists. We hope to stimulate interaction between the two communities.

Some funding is available for non-invited participants (see the URL below).

The main organizers: S. Alexakis (Toronto), M. Dafermos (Princeton), L. Lehner (Perimeter), H. Pfeiffer (CITA, Toronto), E. Poisson (Guelph).