Postdoc position in GR at Charles University in Prague

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Deadline:  2015-06-23

Location:  Prague, Czech Republic

Institute of Theoretical Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague, invites applications for a one-year postdoctoral position within Prague relativity group to a motivated person, working in the field of general relativity and/or its astrophysical or cosmological applications. More specifically, his/her doctoral expertise and research plan should include at least one of the following topics: solutions of Einstein’s field equations and their interpretation, problems of energy and radiation in GR, asymptotic structure of space-times, particles and fields around black holes, dynamics of particles and extended bodies in GR, physics of neutron stars, black-hole perturbations, approximation methods and numerical relativity, gravitational lensing, contemporary cosmology (cosmological models and their perturbations, dark matter and dark energy, early universe), emission and analysis of gravitational waves and their astrophysical and cosmological aspects.

The selected candidate will work within the Albert Einstein Center for Gravitation and Astrophysics lead by Prof. Jiri Bicak.