Dense Matter in Compact Stars: Experimental and Observational Signatures (NewCompStar School), Bucharest

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Date:  2015-09-21  -  2015-09-25

Location:  Bucharest, Romania

We are pleased to announce the second NewCompstar school, following the 2014 edition held in Barcelona. The format will consist of five courses on more basic and general topics, a few seminars on more specific topics and some practical exercise sessions. Few time slots will be dedicated to student poster presentations.

Topic / Lecturers list:

Equation of State Modeling
Hadronic matter and EoS – Constanca Providencia (Coimbra, Portugal)
EoS signatures from Heavy Ion reactions – Maria Colonna (Catania, Italy)
Links between the nuclear matter empirical parameters, exotic nuclei, and neutron stars – Jerome Margueron (Lyon, France)
Quark matter and EoS – Armen Sedrakian (Frankfurt, Germany)
On the conversion of Neutron Stars into Quark Stars – Giuseppe Pagliara (Ferrara, Italy)

Macroscopic and Microscopic dynamics
Relativistic hydrodynamics – Filippo Galeazzi (Frankfurt, Germany)
Transport phenomena and reaction rates – Laura Tolos (Barcelona, Spain)
Crustal heating in accreting neutron stars – Pawel Haensel (Warsaw, Poland)

Dense matter and Nucleosynthesis
Nucleosynthesis in neutron star mergers – Andreas Bauswein (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Nucleosynthesis in CCSN – Gabriel Martinez-Pinedo (Darmstadt, Germany)

Neutron Star Cooling and Superfluidity
Superconductivity and superfluidity in compact stars – Nicolas Chamel (Brussels, Belgium)

Exercise session
Numerical session on the EoS – Matthias Hempel (Basel, Switzerland))

Outreach session
The birth and death of massive stars – Francesca Gulminelli (Caen, France)