Travel grant to Marcel Grossmann meeting

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Dr. Ivan Agullo and Dr. Parampreet Singh from Louisiana State University have obtained an NSF grant to fund travel of U.S. researchers whose work is aligned with NSF gravitational physics program to 14th Marcel Grossmann meeting in Rome, Italy, in July 2015.

Scientist who wish to apply for these funds should fill out the application form below, and send it before July 10, 2015.

Please note the following:
A US scientist is one who generally works in the US. Nationality is not relevant.
The funds can only be used to cover transportation to and from Rome. Housing and registration costs must be met otherwise.
US carriers, if available, must be used, as requested by the Fly American Act and National Science Foundation rules.
The selection of the people to receive travel support will be made by a panel of experienced US scientists (both theorists and experimentalists), based on the information on the returned application forms. Preference will be given to those researchers which have no federal funding, and those with NSF grants.
Preference will be given to scientists with an accepted oral contribution in a session. The applicant should forward an email from the session chair that her/his talk has been accepted.
Given the present dates, monies if granted will be likely distributed after the conference. Receipts will be important, and any additional support from the organizers or elsewhere must be reported.
Recipients must acknowledge support of this NSF grant in their contributions at the Marcel Grossmann Meeting both in the oral talk, and in the proceedings of the conference, and any other work resulting from the meeting.
Ivan Agullo and Parampreet Singh

Application for International Travel Grant Funds for U.S. Participants in 14th Marcel Grossmann Meeting



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Present position and home institution:

Previous positions and home institutions for the past three years:

Date and place of most advanced degree:

Area of research:

Are you a:
Plenary speaker
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Lead Author on Contributed paper
List all current grants in gravitational physics:

List other sources of financial support you have for this meeting, either from the Marcel Grossmann organization or other parties:

List the international meetings in gravitational physics attended during
the past three years:

Estimate Travel Cost for 14th Marcel Grossmann meeting:

Please add anything else you wish the selection committee to know. If you think that your work may be unfamiliar to us, please ask a senior scientist to send us a short letter of recommendation. This is particularly encouraged for PhD students.

Signature Date:

Return this application by email by the 10th July to agullo[At], or by regular mail to:

Dr. Ivan Agullo
202 Nicholson Hall, Tower Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
United States