Ph.D. positions in Theoretical Physics, Catania, Italy

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Deadline:  2015-09-08

Location:  Catania, Italy

The University of Catania invites applications for its Ph.D. program. This year’s call offers ten positions for students in the Physical Sciences, two of which reserved to graduates of non-Italian universities.

Founded in 1434, the University of Catania [1] is the oldest and largest university in Sicily. The Physics and Astronomy Department [2] has over 80 faculty members active in theoretical, experimental, and observational research. The department participates in a vast number of international collaborations and has close ties to the local sections of national research institutes such as INFN [3] and INAF [4], as well as to the nearby experimental nuclear-physics facility LNS [5]. Research topics in the Theoretical Physics sector include relativity, high-energy physics and astrophysics, nuclear matter in stellar environments, particle and field theory, complex systems, networks, and econophysics.

Details of the call can be found at:

Click to access Call%20for%20applications%202015-2016.pdf

The submission deadline is September 8th. Prospective students are encouraged to contact Eloisa Bentivegna (eloisa.bentivegna[AT] while preparing their application material.