PhD fellowship, Hydrodynamic simulations of rotating black holes, Nottingham, UK

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Deadline:  2015-12-01

Location:  Nottingham, UK

We are currently carrying out an experiment to study the effects occurring around effective horizons in an analogue gravity system. In particular, the scientific goals are to explore superradiant scattering and the black hole evaporation process. To address this issue experimentally, we utilize the analogy between waves on the surface of a stationary draining fluid/superfluid flows and the behavior of classical and quantum field excitations in the vicinity of rotating black.
This project will be based at the University of Nottingham at the School of Mathematical Sciences. The two external collaborators are Prof. Josef Niemela (ICTP, Trieste in Italy) and Prof. Stefano Liberati (SISSA, Trieste in Italy). The external consultant for the experiment is Prof. Bill Unruh, who will be a regular visitor.
The PhD student will be involved in all aspects of the experiments theoretical as well experimental. We require an enthusiastic graduate with a 1st class degree in Mathematics/Physics/Engineering (in exceptional circumstances a 2(i) class degree can be considered), preferably of the MMath/MSc level. Candidates would need to be keen to work in an interdisciplinary environment and interested in learning about quantum field theory in curved spacetimes, fluid dynamics, analogue gravity, and experimental techniques such as flow visualisation (i.g. Particle Imaging or Laser Doppler Velocimetry) and surface measurements (i.g. profilometry methods).

The studentship period will depend on the training needs of the successful applicant.

Early application is strongly encouraged.

Funding Notes: The studentship is available for immediate start and provides an annual stipend at the
standard rate (currently GBP 13,863 per annum) and full payment of Home/EU Tuition Fees.