Death of Paul Stephen Wesson

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It is with great sadness that we write to let you know that Paul Stephen Wesson passed away unexpectedly but peacefully in his sleep.  His fight over the last twenty years with chronic pancreatitis and diabetes ended the early morning of September 16th 2015 with a heart attack related to this illness.  He was at his home on Gabriola Island that he shared with his partner Pat Lapcevic and their 11 year old son Sterling.  As a father of four, a husband, and as a friend and colleague to many of us, he will be sorely missed.

Andrew Billyard, Bernard Carr, Alan Coley, James Overduin, Sanjeev Seahra, Reza Tavakol

Obituaries for Paul can be found at:

A scientific obituary will be posted on the STM website in January