Los Alamos Co-Design Summer School 2016: Kilonovae from Neutron Star Mergers

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Dates: May – September 2016 (approximate; exact dates TBD)
Location: Los Alamos, NM
Application deadline (extended): February 26, 2016

Registration is open for Co-Design Summer School which will take place at Los Alamos, NM for 10 weeks in summer 2016.

The Los Alamos ISTI/ASC Co-Design Summer School will bring together top graduate students in the fields of physics, computational science and mathematics. A team of six participants will work together on solving a problem that is designed to build the skills needed to tackle the grand challenges of the future. The scientific challenge of choice this time is modeling neutron star mergers and their kilonovae — supernova-like transients powered by radioactive decays of freshly synthesized r-process elements.

Graduate students from the following disciplines are encouraged to apply:
* Domain science: astrophysics, nuclear physics, general relativity
* Applied Mathematics: hydrodynamics, particle methods, numerical analysis
* Computer science: task & data parallelism, programming methods, data structures

Please consult the following website for more information about the school, the challenge and how to apply: http://losalamos.github.io/cdss/index.html