Pulsars and their environment, Paris, France

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Date:  2016-05-18  -  2016-05-20

Location:  Meudon, France

First circular for the workshop on “Pulsars and their environment”, Meudon Observatory, May, 18th – 20th 2016.

Registration to the 2016 workshop on “Pulsars and their environment” is now open on the web site: http://mode.obspm.fr

Participants are required to register before Friday, April 15th.

Important dates and deadlines

Opening of the registration : February, 15th
Deadline for financial support : April, 1st
Notification for the support : April, 8th
Deadline for registration : April, 15th

Meeting program
The workshop shall help the three communities (neutron star observers, SNR and PWN observers and theoreticians) to exchange ideas as well as discussing internal advanced issues. To that end the program will contain parallel specialized sessions as well as plenary sessions with reviews and a round table for discussion among the communities. All sessions will be held at Meudon Observatory, 8 kilometers southwest from Paris, France. The sessions will be arranged in such a way to create “focus sessions” around certain topics, among them:

– Radio timing,
– Rotating neutron stars,
– General relativity and neutron star modeling,
– Equation of state and nuclear processes,
– Observation at different wavelengths,
– Emission processes,
– Supernovae, Supernova remnants, Pulsar wind nebulae.

This year’s edition is devoted to global models and their contribution to our knowledge about pulsars and their environment. Keynote speakers will highlight recent developments in these subfields : Nils Andersson (Southampton, United Kingdom), Oliver Porth (Leeds, United Kingdom), Nikolaos Stergioulas (Thessaloniki, Greece), Stefan Typel (Darmstadt, Germany)…

Financial support
Partial support for students and young post-docs is available for early registration (dead-line is fixed on April, 1st) and the notification for the support will be send on April, 8th. If you need financial support, please mention it during registration.

We have selected a number of hotels in downtown Paris, close to the Montparnasse railway station, from which trains leave to Meudon. This list is far from being exhaustive and there are many other hotels in Paris. Note that there are many tourists in Paris in May and early booking is recommended.

Travel information
Meudon observatory is located on the heights of the small city of Meudon, south west of Paris. It is about 20 minutes walk (up!) from any of the suburb railway stations: Meudon or Bellevue (from Montparnasse train station), Meudon val Fleury (RER C line).

Meals during the workshop
On Wednesday 18th, meeting shall start in the afternoon. Lunches on Thursday, 19th and Friday, 20th are offered. The social dinner shall take place on Thursday evening in Paris, the price would be 25 euros.

Organizing committee
Anthea Fantina (GANIL, Caen), Marianne Lemoine-Goumard (CENBG, Bordeaux), Fabrice Mottez (LUTH, Meudon), Jerome Novak (LUTH, Meudon), Micaela Oertel (LUTH, Meudon), Matthieu Renaud (LUPM, Montpellier), Gilles Theureau (LPC2E, OSUC-Orléans, LUTh and USN, Observatoire de Paris).

How to get there
Observatoire de Meudon, 5 place Jules Janssen (entrance for pedestrians and bicycles only) or 11 avenue Marcelin Berthelot, 92190 Meudon; see url : http://mode.obspm.fr/spip.php?article3