Postdoc position in gravity theory at the University of Tartu, Estonia

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Deadline:  2016-04-10

Location:  Tartu, Estonia

The Laboratory of Theoretical Physics at the Institute of Physics of the University of Tartu, Estonia is inviting applications for a two-year postdoc position in the field of extensions to general relativity and modified gravity starting in fall 2016. The position will be held in conjunction with the Estonian centre of excellence in research “The Dark Side of the Universe” (TK133) and the grant “Geometrical foundations of gravity and their comparison with observations” (PUT790). The topics of interest include:
— mathematical foundations of gravity,
— modifications to the geometry of spacetime,
— gravity theories based on Finsler, Cartan, Weizenboeck or Riemann-Cartan geometry,
— gravity theories including multiple metrics,
— gravity theories including torsion,
— (multi-)scalar-tensor and related gravity theories,
— solar system phenomenology of modified gravity,
— cosmological aspects of modified gravity.
Successful applicants are expected to have previous work experience related to these areas.

The postdoctoral grant amounts to 31710 EUR per year (minus 15% overhead), plus a possible one-time relocation support up to 6500 EUR. Applications for the postdoctoral position must include:
— curriculum vitae,
— two letters of recommendation,
— diploma of PhD degree or equivalent,
— research proposal of up to five pages,
— list of publications.
Deadline for the postdoc application is Sunday, April 10th, 21:59 GMT.

All applications for the aforementioned position must be submitted electronically to manuel.hohmann[AT] Documents in the PDF format are recommended.