The Spanish-Portuguese Relativity Meeting, Lisbon (2nd announcement)

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Date:  2016-09-12  -  2016-09-12

Location:  Lisbon, Portugal

EREP2016: Spanish-Portuguese Relativity Meeting 2016 – “100 years of the Schwarzschild solution”
Lisbon, Portugal, 12-15 September 2016



The 2016 edition of the “Spanish-Portuguese Relativity Meeting” (EREP2016) will be held in Lisbon from 12-15 September 2016. The Spanish-Portuguese Relativity Meeting is an international conference devoted to Relativity and Gravitation which is organized every year by different members of the Spanish Society of Gravitation and Relativity (SEGRE) and of the Portuguese Society of Relativity and Gravitation (SPRG). This year, it will be hosted by the University of Lisbon. A brief historical background of the ERE can be found at .

In 2016, we celebrate the centenary of the most famous solution of the field equations, the Schwarzschild solution, and the many phenomena that it describes. The topics of the plenary lectures will revolve around three main areas of research, namely Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology, Mathematical Relativity, and the interface between Gravitation and Quantum Theory, and reflect the intended broad scope of the meeting.

The meeting will take place at Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian. Founded in 1956 by Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian, the Foundation promotes knowledge in the fields of the arts, science and education. Headquartered in Lisbon, the Foundation has delegations in Paris and London. Located in central Lisbon, and well connected to the subway and buses, the Foundation hosts two important museums and is surrounded by wonderful gardens, designed by Ribeiro Teles (1962/1969), and featuring some unique flora.

Invited Plenary Speakers include:

Manuela Campanelli (Rochester Institute of Technology, US)
Joao Costa (ISCTE, Portugal)
Ruth Durrer (Universite’ de Geneve, Switzerland)
Roberto Emparan (ICREA and Universitat de Barcelona, Spain)
Paulo Freire (Max-Planck-Institute fur Radioastronomie, Germany)
Gustav Holzegel (Imperial College London, UK)
Andrew King (University of Leicester, UK)
David Mota (University of Oslo, Norway)
Gonzalo Olmo (Universitat de Valencia, Spain)
Frans Pretorius (Princeton University, US)

Hans Ringstrom (KTH, Sweden)
Jacques Smulevici (Departement de Mathematiques d’Orsay, France)
Patrick Sutton (Cardiff U., UK)

Information regarding registration, abstract submission, accommodation and travel can be found at the web page of the conference

Looking forward to meeting all interested participants in Lisbon this September!

With our best regards,

Vitor Cardoso

(On behalf of the local organizing committee)