Astrophysics in the Era of Gravitational Wave and Multimessenger Observations, Annapolis, USA

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Date:  2016-11-09  -  2016-11-11

Location:  Annapolis, Maryland, USA

The first gravitational wave observations are now beginning to reveal information directly from the extreme final moments of compact object binaries including black holes and, soon perhaps, also neutron stars. Astronomers now have a new probe into these objects and the physical processes which drive their creation and dynamics. This meeting will explore the consequence of these new observations. How does this new information supplement what we have already learned from electromagnetic observations and from theoretical modeling? What new questions will be addressed by combined multimessenger observations?

Session topics:
• Gravitational wave observations and astronomy
• What we know about binary black hole systems
• Binary black holes in the GW and multimessenger era
• What we know about binary neutron star binary systems
• Neutron star binaries in the GW and multimessenger era
• The future GW and multimessenger era