Gravitational Lensing and BH Shadows Workshop, Aveiro, Portugal

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Date:  2016-11-03  -  2016-11-04

Location:  Aveiro, Portugal

In the wake of the detection of gravitational waves from black hole mergers and at the door step of an era of precision electromagnetic observations of the horizon scale for black hole candidates, in particular with the Event Horizon Telescope, the gravitation groups at Aveiro University, Gr@v, and at IST-Lisbon, Grit, will organize a two days workshop on Gravitational Lensing and Black Hole Shadows, held at the University of Aveiro (Portugal), on the 3rd and 4th of November 2016.

The workshop will consist on two mini-courses by invited lecturers combined with “hands-on” sessions, in which attendants will be introduced to the general relativistic orbit tracer of the Observatoire de Paris GYOTO and to a recent Python based code developed by ESA’s Advanced Concepts Team. There will also be some invited talks on the subject of lensing by compact objects and black hole shadows. The event will be integrated in the IDPASC doctoral programme and will be supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation through its research stimulus program as well as the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT).

There is no registration fee but the workshop has a limited number of participants. Please register by sending an email to with the following information: name, position and affiliation. Ph.D. students should provide also the contact information (name, position and email) of a senior research willing to recommend them. Information on transportation and accommodation can be found here.

Vitor Cardoso (IST-Lisbon)
Pedro V. P. Cunha (U. Aveiro and IST-Lisbon)
Carlos Herdeiro (U. Aveiro, herdeiro[AT]
Jose’ Sande Lemos (IST-Lisbon)
Eugen Radu (U. Aveiro)
Helgi Runarsson (U. Aveiro)