Three Fellowships in Cosmology and Gravitational Physics, Oxford, UK

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Deadline:  2016-12-01

Location:  Oxford, UK

We are inviting applications for three positions of 2+1 years at Oxford in Cosmology and Gravitational Physics. These are funded by Pedro Ferreira’s ERC grant on cosmological gravity.

Our theoretical cosmology programme at Oxford includes large-scale structure, weak lensing, galaxy formation, galaxy evolution, cosmic background radiation anisotropy, intensity mapping, early universe physics, dark matter, dark energy, relativistic cosmology and modified gravity. Our group is heavily involved in existing surveys and is playing an integral part in Euclid, SKA and LSST. There is also expertise and interest in black hole physics, compact objects (observational and theoretical), the early universe and galactic dynamics.

The postholder(s) would contribute to theoretical, phenomenological and/or numerical research in one or more of these areas, interacting with Erminia Calabrese, Julien Devriendt, Pedro Ferreira, Lance Miller and Adrianne Slyz.