Gravity and Experiment, IAP, Paris, France (2nd announcement and registration deadline)

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Date:  2016-12-05  -  2016-12-09

Location:  IAP, Paris, France

Registration is now open for the “Gravity and Experiment” Workshop at the Institut d’astrophysique de Paris, December 5th – 9th, 2016. Participation may be capped due to room capacity/logistical restrictions. The registration deadline is November 7, 2016.

Gravity appears to be one of the ingredients of open problems that span an impressive range of length scales and several research fields – theoretical and mathematical physics, cosmology, astrophysics. Characteristic examples are the quantum nature of spacetime, vacuum energy and the cosmological constant, dark matter and dark energy, black holes physics. One of the key problems in gravity is the limited amount of experimental guidance. The purpose of this workshop is to
bring together leading experimentalists and a handful of theorists and discuss how ongoing and future experiments can lead to new insights on the gravitational interaction. We will cover experiments at all scales, from tabletop to space missions, and across all fields, from gravitational waves and relativistic astrophysics to cosmology and analogue gravity.

The hope is to build bridges between different fields and encourage interdisciplinary interactions. To this end, the proposed format is the following: invited overview talks on the latest experiments will be given by experimentalists and they will be followed by topical discussions led by theorists. The program will allow ample time for discussions and round tables.

Invited participants include:
E. Adelberger
L. Amendola
M. Aspelmeyer
P. Brax
A. Broderick
C. Burgess
W. Del Pozzo
P. Freire
T. Jacobson
P. Hamilton
R. Parentani
M. Rodrigues
J. Steinhauer
N. Yunes
F. Vernizzi
J.-Y. Vinet
S. Weinfurtner

E. Barausse
T. P. Sotiriou
S. Weinfurtner