Higgs Cosmology, Chicheley Hall, UK

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Date:  2017-03-27  -  2017-03-28

Location:  Kavli Royal Society Centre, Chicheley Hall, UK

What can the discovery of the Higgs boson tell us about the early universe? This meeting will explore its implications for the theory of cosmological inflation, matter-antimatter asymmetry, dark matter and other open questions in cosmology.

This is a residential conference, which allows for increased discussion and networking. It is free to attend, but advanced registration essential (please request an invite on the conference webpage).

The meeting will bring together particle physicists and cosmologists, both theorists and experimentalists. The goal is for the whole community to move towards a more unified theoretical understanding of the role of the Higgs field in the Early Universe. For theoretical cosmologists, it is an opportunity to understand the implications of the Higgs discovery and other results from the LHC, and to find links between different cosmological questions. Particle theorists will benefit from new cosmological ways of testing theories of particle physics beyond the Standard Model. To observational cosmologists, the meeting will highlight theoretical predictions and the signals they should be searching for in order to test them. Experimental particle physicists will learn what measurements and possibly future experiments will have the highest impact for understanding the early universe.

Scientific organizers: Professor Arttu Rajantie, Professor Malcolm Fairbairn, Dr Tommi Markkanen and Dr Astrid Eichhorn