New Frontiers in Gravitational-Wave Astrophysics, Rome, Italy

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Date:  2017-06-19  -  2017-06-22

Location:  Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

The exciting discovery of GW150914 has opened a new era for physics and astrophysics, which is rich of opportunities and challenges. New questions appear, and old questions are posed with renovated strength. This workshop brings together leading experts in gravitational-wave astrophysics, with the aim of discussing new frontiers in this exponentially-growing field, such as formation of black-hole binaries, multiwavelength and multimessenger astronomy, tests of gravity, neutron-star modelling, and equation-of-state extraction from gravitational-wave signals.

There will be few talks per day, three round tables, and plenty of time for discussions. The main themes to be discussed (one per day) are:

– GWs after the first detections
– GWs and neutron-star modelling
– Fundamental physics with GWs
– From ground to space

List of confirmed invited speakers and round-table organizers:

Stanislav Babak (AEI, Germany)
Enrico Barausse (IAP, France)
Andreas Bauswein (HITS, Germany)
Sebastiano Bernuzzi (Parma U., Italy)
Chris Berry (Birmingham U., UK)
Emanuele Berti (Mississippi U., USA)
Vitor Cardoso (IST, Portugal)
Massimo Dotti (Milan U., Italy)
Tania Hinderer (AEI, Germany)
Antoine Klein (IAP, France)
Kostas Kokkotas (Tubingen U., Germany)
Michela Mapelli (Padova U., Italy)
Rosalba Perna (Stony Brook, USA)
Raffaella Schneider (Sapienza U., Italy)
Alberto Sesana (Birmingham U., UK)
Thomas Sotiriou (Nottingham U., UK)
Leo Stein (Caltech, USA)
Alberto Vecchio (Birmingham, UK)
Kent Yagi (Princeton, USA)
Nico Yunes (Montana U., USA)

Since the number of participants is limited, we suggest to register at your earliest convenience.

Looking forward to seeing you in Rome,

Valeria Ferrari, Leonardo Gualtieri, Paolo Pani